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For over 20 years, Monica Davis has built a trusted media brand that has inspired millions to transform their life purpose into exceptional success. Today, the Exceptional People Network offers an even broader selection of life-changing content to instruct, inspire, and vault you to your own greatness, be it personal, financial, both, or more.

Even in uncertain times, you can thrive by learning how to

  • Drill deep into your true purpose.
  • Find and embark on the right path.
  • Launch real-life strategies to achieve your highest goals.

We invite you accelerate your personal and professional success with our ever-growing library of videos, podcasts, and published content. You’ll gain actionable knowledge that you can put into practice today through enriching interviews, exciting profiles, and first-hand insights.

As we continue to provide educational and motivational content, we will also complement it with resources to help you grow your business. We want to motivate you to do well and live well and provide tools and resources to help you live your best life.

Watch. Listen. Connect.

Learn from our library of new dynamic content, built to inspire and motivate.

Energize Vision
EPN - Video Series

Renewed Vision Through Exceptional Voices

Video Series

When you start to change the way you see your life and your circumstances, unimagined opportunities are often revealed to you. This video series gives you a front row seat to surprisingly candid interviews with accomplished business icons, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs who share how they faced and overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges. Through their life experiences, mistakes and victories, you’ll learn simple yet proven success strategies that can transform your business, profession, or career from any level.

Gain powerful insight on how to improve the quality of your life by mastering a positive outlook, zeroing in on your purpose, and honing your knowledge. Whether you’re just starting out, rethinking established goals, or looking to upsize your influence, each video offers uniquely inspiring lessons on how to unify and renew your vision to get the results you want. 

This web series is hosted by Monica Davis.

Beyond Your Limits


No business can grow or even survive without boots-on-the-ground knowledge and experience. The Beyond Your Limits podcast delivers this must-have information in an easily understood format, complete with Business Mastery Tips from seasoned business leaders and entrepreneurial veterans. Each segment provides actionable advice and success secrets, motivation to keep you focused, and timely information to help you achieve desired results in any business climate.

The fact is that nearly every entrepreneurial journey encounters bumps and obstacles along the way. But the clarity and insight of this podcast will help you think differently and create better strategies to grow your business faster. Whether you’re just starting your business or looking to establish total market dominance, the Beyond Your Limits podcast gives you the practical tools and strategies you need to move forward with confidence.

This podcast is hosted by Monica Davis.

Beyond Your LImits

Uncommon Inspiration


Staying motivated every day is critical to your long-term success, but even the best of us can lose steam when we’re not consistently energized. The mission of this podcast is to inspire you every week. Designed to spark and rejuvenate your mind, these segments also spur you to live your best life while uplifting those around you.

Hear incredible anecdotes and compelling stories as they are shared by award-winning podcast host Monica Davis and extraordinary speakers like Lisa Nichols, Jim Britt, and more. Topics cover persistence and consistency in the face of unexpected curve balls, how to recognize your own keys to success and leverage them, harnessing the immense power of your mind to achieve success, and many more. Tune in weekly to this indispensable source of inspiration and stay motivated all week.

This podcast is hosted by Monica Davis.

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