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Your vision of success is unique. One-size-fits-all business theories simply can’t deliver the real-life experiences, insights, and customizable steps to success that you need today. That’s why we’re carefully curating an ever-growing list of business books every entrepreneur should read.

Packed with actionable advice, these resources and guides are worth their weight in gold in helping you:

  • Generate innovative ideas that speed your journey to success.
  • Think “out of the box” to discover your own unbeatable business tactics.
  • Rise to the next level faster using the tips and strategies of seasoned veterans.
  • Jumpstart your motivation and open your mind with exciting new perspectives.
  • Leverage the experiences of accomplished entrepreneurs, business leaders and experts.
  • Refine your business skills while developing your own unique approaches.


To achieve your life of success, you need the best books for business success. These valuable must-reads show you how to skip past common (and not-so-common) frustrations and delays, so you can arrive beyond your limits as quickly as possible.

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Start Your Business Right is the ultimate guide to help you plan your business so that you make intelligent decisions at the most detailed level before and while you’re developing your business.


It has been called a “must-have tool” by many readers. It is an essential resource that provides clear guidance and lays out a path to help you create more certainty as you start and grow your business. Start Your Business Right helps you make better decisions from the beginning to plan and implement your entrepreneurial goals effectively.

After reading this entrepreneurial guide, you’ll…

  • Gain immediate clarity on how to start a business the right way
  • Be able to create a workable blueprint for long-term success
  • Be able to identify and be better prepared for potential challenges
  • Be able to plan your business goals and objectives without making common mistakes that many entrepreneurs make
  • Spend less time fixing mistakes or solving problems and more time on making money and increasing profits
  • And much more

Discover powerful strategies and systems that you can utilize to rapidly grow your business in today’s fast-paced and competitive economy.


Designed to inspire action, increase confidence, and boost business, you’ll gain proven and time-tested insights and strategies to gain market share quickly, deliver excellent customer service, employee management, build relationships that lead to a thriving business, effectively negotiate deals, and much more.

After reading this book, you’ll…

  • Gain immediate insights on how to improve your business
  • Quickly break through financial and business obstacles to achieve extraordinary success
  • Expand the distance between you and your competitors with secrets from multi-million and billion-dollar corporate CEOs and entrepreneurs who’ve traveled the same paths you’re currently on
  • And much more

Walking on the Glass Floor is an engaging, indispensable guide for women in leadership.


Whether you are a seasoned professional who has crashed through the glass ceiling and are now walking on the glass floor or you are an emerging leader who wants to establish strong footing, this book is for you. Personal stories, humor, and highly actionable steps illuminate and bring to life the seven essential leadership qualities of passion, authenticity, courage, communication, decisiveness, resilience and generosity.

The essential guide for Black professionals to move up through their organizations and ultimately reach the top, with real-life tips, strategies, and insights from Black peers to help you stay there.

Highlighting the experiences of other Black faces in high places who were able to leap even the highest barriers, reach the top, and become a leader of leaders – including insights from President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, BET co-founder Bob Johnson, and others – this groundbreaking book:

  • Identifies the 10 strategic actions successful Black leaders and executives must take to reach the summit of success
  • Empowers listeners with models and steps to follow the 10 actions on their own journeys to bust through any barriers on their way to the top
  • Provides a lens into the careers of prominent figures across several industries and sectors who have walked in your shoes
  • Walks you through the changes in mindset required along your success path until the focus ultimately shifts to helping other leaders


Black Faces in High Places is both a clarion call for more Black professionals at the top making systemic decisions for true advancement for the Black community, as well as the road map for you to rise to the highest rank of success and stay there.

“You Want to be an Entrepreneur” is a primer for new and future entrepreneurs. It’s important to understand that launching a new business is more than just that a great idea or a dream. It involves marketing, finance, law, production, accounting and everything that is the foundation of any business. Unless you simply sell the idea to someone else, you will have to deal with issues, overcome obstacles and solve problems that have little to do with your idea. Whether your dream is a new restaurant or a new widget, you will have to address contracts, licensing, labor and a whole range of topics you may never have thought of before.

“You Want to be an Entrepreneur” doesn’t give you all the answers. It gives you some answers but more importantly it gives you a broader vision of the matters that will be important and the questions that have to be asked. If you are confronted with an issue and remember that you read something about that in this book – and because of that you ask questions that help avoid a big problem – this book will have achieved its purpose.

The success of a negotiation is profoundly affected by how well you read body language. How can you learn to read the subtle clues–many lasting a fraction of a second–that your opponent projects?

Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations will help you discover what the “other side” is revealing through body language and micro-expressions, and how to control your own. It will help you become more adept at leveraging your knowledge of emotional intelligence, negotiation ploys, and emotional hot buttons.

Through engaging stories and examples, Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations shows you how to employ a wide range of strategies to achieve your negotiating goals. You will learn:

  • How to employ your knowledge of body language to instantly read the other negotiator’s position.
  • Insider secrets that will give you an advantage in any negotiation.
  • Techniques to overcome common obstacles that hamper your negotiations.

Learning to read and send body language signals enables anyone, anywhere, to gain an advantage in any negotiation, from where to go for brunch to what price to pay for a global corporate acquisition.