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Do You Know When It’s Time to Outsource?

Outsourcing can quickly become an attractive option as your business, and to-do list grows. The internet is great for outsourcing and allows you to employ virtual assistants to complete all those odd jobs you don’t have the time (or inclination) to do yourself. However, it’s always better to have extra help, so when exactly is the right time to outsource?


1. Burnout 

If you are stressed and burnt out, it’s time to get extra help. A successful, growing business comes with an ever-increasing workflow. You don’t need to do everything yourself, and you often won’t be able to. Outsourcing specific tasks can help you stay on top of things and stop you from becoming overwhelmed. 


2. Unfinished jobs

When you are rushing around trying to get 101 things done, there will inevitably be tasks, sometimes essential jobs, that you don’t finish. At the end of a workday, reflect on what tasks have and haven’t been completed. Can you outsource these unfinished jobs to someone outside your company? If not, have you spent time on other jobs that someone else could handle? Outsourcing will ensure you don’t have a growing list of unfinished tasks at the end of each day.


3. Surviving, not growing

If you want your business to grow and not just survive, you will need to devote time and effort to the broader context in which your business operates. If you are spending all your time managing your company’s daily operations, you will never have time to plan to grow your business. Outsource and find the time you need. 


4. Skills shortage

Outsourcing is not just a way to save time, it’s also a way to address any skills shortages your business may be experiencing. As your business evolves, you may find that you need a new set of skills to address new challenges and capture new opportunities. You could hire additional staff or outsource tasks to specialists outside your organization and ensure your business can continue to grow.


5. Poor customer service

When you’re pressed for time, customer service is often the first part of your business to feel the strain. Busy periods will mean a higher workload with more customers and orders and thus more customer concerns. If you see a dip in customer service, it’s time to outsource your tasks. After all, your customers are your life-blood.


If the above sounds familiar, you need to think about outsourcing. Seek recommendations from your peers, check out the websites of service providers, and think about posting your job on a job site where freelancers bid on projects. Moreover, be sure that you are clear about what jobs you would like to outsource and the experience and skills required to complete them. Once you’ve made a shortlist of candidates, get in touch with them and have a frank discussion about your expectations.


Every growing business will need to outsource at some point. This process will be unfamiliar to many, and it may initially appear intimidating, but if you find yourself needing to outsource, remember, it’s a sign your business is thriving! Outsourcing can help your business to continue its upward trajectory by ensuring you don’t burn out, giving you the time you need to plan for growth, guaranteeing everything gets done, ensuring your company can tap into the skillsets it needs, and by making sure that your customers are well-served. Moreover, with the internet and a growing collection of job sites, outsourcing has never been easier. There is a wealth of talent out there; you need to find it.


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