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Motivating Your Team: Guaranteed Strategies For Success

A motivated employee will show more significant innovation, productivity, and commitment in the workplace. Knowing how to keep your team motivated is thus an essential ingredient of success.

Nonetheless, as leaders, we may not be having the effect we want. A Gallup poll reveals that over half of employees feel disengaged from their workplace, with as much as 13% stating that they are ‘actively’ disengaged.

The rise in hybrid and remote working may introduce new challenges to motivation. According to the Harvard Business Review, research has found a decline in motivation of 17% among those forced to move to home working.

However, there is a lot you can do. Below are guaranteed, proven strategies you can adopt to encourage a positive, motivated workforce.


Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation refers to one’s thought processes and internal drive. You cannot control what your team thinks, but you can create an environment that cultivates a positive mindset.


  1. To boost your team members’ intrinsic motivation, start by clarifying the team’s purpose. If your team understands why they are doing what they are doing and how their work contributes to an overall objective, they will feel more motivated. Establish set goals and communicate your mission and vision.


  1. It is also essential to encourage your team to reflect. Don’t allow team discussions to focus solely on deadlines and deliverables; provide your team with ample opportunity to reflect on their state of mind and express their opinions about life in your organization. Freely ask questions and then actively listen to the answers.


  1. Additionally, facilitate experimentation to show your team that you value innovation, even unexpected outcomes. Your team must understand that you embrace experiential learning and positively view (calculated) risk-taking.


  1. You must also empower your team. Whatever you do, do not micromanage. Instead, allow your team to display their autonomy and tackle tasks in their way. This will show your team that you trust their skills and judgment.


  1. To cultivate your team’s intrinsic motivation, you must also set realistic goals. Work objectives can be challenging, but they must be reasonable, with appropriate resources and support available. If your team can see a clear path to success, they will be more enthusiastic about a project.


  1. Finally, meet with your team members individually. You can use these meetings to share detailed feedback, professional development, or discuss personal matters. Ideally, one-on-one sessions should take place weekly.


Extrinsic Motivation 

Motivation is also subject to critical external drivers. Tailored incentives and rewards will increase the motivation of even those employees who are already actively engaged in the workplace.


  1. To boost extrinsic motivation, think about gamifying work tasks. Can work more closely resemble play? Can you implement friendly contests around tasks? Some consultants specialize in this field, but the internet is an excellent resource if you are looking for ideas.


  1. It would help to plan social events for your team to mark birthdays and other celebratory occasions, including retreats and outings. Coming together in a relaxed, social atmosphere can strengthen the bonds within a group and nurture team spirit.


  1. Also, try gift-giving. Presents for the summer holidays or gifts given unexpectedly across the year is an excellent way of letting your team know that their work is valued. You may wish to design bespoke items or find a supplier to deliver items bearing a specific logo.


  1. Opportunities for career advancement are also an essential external motivator. Look over your organization’s structure to identify paths for progression for your team members and make sure your team is aware of advancement opportunities such as mentorships and tuition reimbursement schemes.


  1. To stay motivated, your team will also need variety. A bit of variety, such as inviting external speakers to talk to your team or even beginning the day with some yoga or tai chi, can help shake out the cobwebs and reinvigorate your employees. Moreover, seek ideas from employees about their job roles and how they can introduce new skills and knowledge into their work.


  1. Steps such as increasing the natural light in your office, allowing employees to decorate their workspaces as they wish, and balancing the allocation of space to private and common areas can also help improve extrinsic motivation. Creating a positive ambiance can be simple but hugely impactful.


  1. Finally, if you want to know what would motivate your team, why not just ask them? Distribute surveys to your team online or ask your team their opinions and present them with various options.


Creating a motivated team can be a challenge, primarily as we work from home. However, the strategies set out above are guaranteed to boost your team’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. When your workforce is motivated and engaged, you will see a marked rise in job satisfaction and productivity, leading to rich rewards for your business.



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